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Automate your processes

Information systems are important in the work of every company, whether it is business software (Erply, Directo, etc.), accounting software, warehouse management platform or payroll.

Time is money, and making your company work more efficient yields clearly measurable results. Therefore, automation of information systems has become particularly important. Simply put, different systems must communicate with each other.

The most common example in e-shop management is that products and warehouse are stored in an inventory management system (such as Directo), where the e-shop has to be constantly manually updated with products and stock. If a sale is made locally in the store, it must also be reflected in the inventory of the e-store.

This is where automation comes to the rescue, i.e. the inventory management software and the e-shop can be integrated with each other. This frees up a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on simple but time-consuming activities like updating inventory.

There are several clear reasons why
the integration of information systems
should be considered:

Always up to date

Data is always correct and updated between different systems.

Time saving

There is no need to enter data manually – a significant time saving from daily manual tasks.


Information is exchanged automatically and quickly, so there are never any differences between the systems.


All information exchange takes place through a tested integration, so human errors in the data are avoided.

An example of integrating an
e-store with a stock management system

Liidese skeem

We integrate many different APIs

These are some of the more common API integrations we have done, but we also welcome new challenges.

Directo integration

  • Products and stocklevels sync from Directo
  • Automatic orders sync to Directo
  • Clients sync
  • Supports variable products

Since Directo issues its API scheme separately for each client, each integration is custom to some extent, but since we have a ready-made integration module, the configuration is done quickly and result is well-tested.

ERPLY integration

  • Products and stocklevels sync from ERPLY
  • Automatic orders sync to ERPLY
  • Clients sync
  • Multilingual support

Merit Aktiva integration

  • Products and stocklevels sync from Merit
  • Automatic orders sync to Merit

Klaviyo/Smaily integration

  • Shortcode form
  • Automatic subscription from newsletter form
  • Automatic unique coupon generation for first time user
  • Automatic unique birthday coupon generation for users

Montonio integration

Itella/Omniva integration

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