Maintenance and security

Keep your website maintained and secure

A website is not something that can be simply left ignored when it is ready. It's made up of many different pieces and technologies that all update or change, so your website also needs constant maintenance to ensure its reliability and performance for years to come.

Today, there are a lot of bad guys who try to exploit the weaknesses of websites, hack into them, steal data or inject viruses. Therefore, it is critical that the website and its parts are constantly updated, that unnecessary traffic is blocked, and that the database and files are backed up.

Our management and maintenance service is designed for just that. Entrust your website or e-shop to the hands of specialists. In this way, you can be sure that your website will not be affected by problems that often turn out to be significantly more expensive to deal with afterwards.

What our management and maintenance service offers


The versions of your plugins and other modules are constantly updated. This ensures the reliability and security of the page.


Your website and database are constantly backed up so that, if necessary, it can be restored quickly and without problems.

Active monitoring

Our systems constantly monitor your website and notify us if something is wrong.


We make changes to website texts or modules upon request. This way it is certain that there are no unnecessary mistakes that need to be dealt with later.

Active monitoring

Our security and management system monitors your website 24/7 and monitors all indicators. As soon as something happens to the website, we receive a notification, upon which our specialists immediately react and fix the error(s).

DDoS protection

Our security and management system monitors website traffic and blocks all kinds of <i>botnet</i> attacks, which often try to hack into websites or simply take them down.

Data protection and back-ups

Our system makes continuous back-ups of your website and database(s) so that there is always the possibility to restore an earlier version if something goes wrong.

Regular updates

Regular updating of various modules and plugins is especially important to keep the website up and running. In this way, fixes for all kinds of security holes and the overall performance of the website are guaranteed. Failure to update plugins can often cause problems, where the versions of different systems are not compatible with each other, which can break the website altogether.

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Trust your website or e-shop under our watchful eyes and you can sleep peacefully at night.